Our Goals

As technology partners, we strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business to bring about growth.


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Our Goals

To provide ideal business and individualised IT Solutions

LANWAN Technologies overarching goal is to provide ideal business and individualised IT Solutions while remaining competitive and a company of choice.

We reach this goal when:

  • We lead in terms of financial stability and performance.
  • We attract and retain the best and brightest and foster the achievement of their potential.
  • When other industry players recognise us as the pacesetters.
  • Being part of the LANWAN Technologies team is the highest aspiration of everyone in our industry.


Helping our clients focus on their core business.

LANWAN Technologies continually strives towards delivering quality and
competitive services. We combine our IT expertise and Business acumen to enable change and deliver desired results for our clients.

Our Goal

To be the company of choice in our business of providing IT solutions to our clients (Businesses & Individuals). Learn More

Our Vision

To become pacesetters in providing ICT products and services to our clients. Learn more.

Our Mission

To exceed our clients’ expectations by providing efficient and cost-effective IT solutions. Learn more.

Our Value

Our company culture is reinforced by a strong value system. These values are an integral part of the framework we use to run our business. Learn More.


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LANWAN Technologies combines industry expertise with technical innovation, to enable our clients to achieve their Strategic, Digital Business and IT Objectives. From strategy alignment to design, implementation to execution & integration and operational support – we do it all at LANWAN.