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The new iPad Pro finally turns Apple’s tablet into a laptop rival

by | Apr 15, 2020 | IT News | 0 comments

The new Pro gets a bunch of impressive upgrades including an awesome new backlit keyboard with trackpad and mouse compatibility thanks to new iOS cursor support. Oh, and there’s a new MacBook Air

The iPad Pro has been a strange beast for Apple: undoubtedly powerful yet more expensive in some cases than high-end laptops but with a form factor that precluded some of the best elements of mobile computing, mainly the obvious convenience of a trackpad and cursor.

Now these features have finally been added with the new iPad Pro thanks to an all-new Magic Keyboard. As well as supposedly offering “the best typing experience ever on iPad” (the old version was already good), you also get a gesture-supporting trackpad that works with iPadOS, a USB‑C port that allows pass‑through charging on the Pro, as well as the obligatory front and back protection.

The design seems particularly impressive, and features a floating cantilever design, which means you attach an iPad Pro magnetically and then tilt it to a viewing angle anywhere between zero and 130 degrees, much like you would the screen of your laptop. The full-size keyboard now has with backlit keys with individual hard keycaps and a scissor mechanism with 1mm travel.

There is a USB-C port in the “hinge” of the Magic Keyboard case, which allows you to charge the iPad Pro via pass‑through charging while leaving the tablet’s own USB-C slot free for use with other accessories. Read more


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