IT Advisory Services

IT Advisory Services

IT Advisory Services

IT Advisory Services

Strategic IT

Our team takes time to understand your strategy, assess your current IT Infrastructure, Security, Systems, and Processes thereby helping you implement ideal initiatives to achieve your objectives.

Business intelligence

Our BI services help organisations optimise their capabilities to leverage various types of data and make it into something the business can use to make better and more informed choices.

Cyber Security

We assist our clients to grow confidently & build cyber resilience from the inside out. We help to secure their data, protect identities & build trusted relationships with their clients and stakeholders.


As technology becomes more and more mainstreamed in everyday life, we partner with you as strategic enablers to utilise ICTs to assist poor and marginalised people in developing communities.

Strategic IT

Strategic IT Consultancy Services:

IT Strategy & governance

IT and business strategy alignment bringing a boardroom perspective to IT as a value generator.

Business Intelligence

Data is for doing. We help you collect and clean data to make it easily accessible. We also help you build models that help you predict a particularly outcome to ensure a structured approach. Further, we help you find trends and flag anomalies to help you make practical decisions so that you may function more effectively and efficiently.

Cyber Security

We helps our customers secure their data, protect identities and build trusted relationships with their clients, stakeholders and partners by, among other things, helping them with their business continuity and disaster recovery plan, Physical and Environmental Security, Compliance Audits and Management, Application and Network Security.

ICT for Development (ICT4D)

ICT4D (Information and Communications Technologies for Development) is a powerful tool for economic and social development. We partner with our Clients to develop relevant and contextualised solutions aimed at bridging the digital divide (the disparity between technological “have” and “have not” geographic locations or demographic groups) and aiding economic development by ensuring equitable access to up-to-date communications technologies.

IT  imperatives:

Doing more with less

By utilising technology appropriately, you can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits thereby delivering new or better capabilities to the business faster.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

We help you ensure your IT is proactive in their Service delivery.

Enhanced IT quality

We help your IT Department provide a consistent and reliable service by being  proactive and rendering IT solutions to various business needs that are fit-for-purpose.

IT & Business Strategy Alignment

We facilitate alignment of IT initiatives to the business and ensure there is an IT structure in place that maximises business value.

Change Delivery

We help you to respond effectively to environment changes necessitated by  market pressures or opportunities, regulatory demands, cost reduction pressures, or reorganisation due to mergers or acquisitions.

Technology is an important enabler of business transformation. Innovative business models have become the key to sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. LANWAN Technologies’ depth and breadth of technical knowledge and expertise can provide a sound strategy to create such a model, one that is tailored specifically to your organisation, and that allows it to keep pace with the latest business trends and technology advances. Let LANWAN Technologies transform the way you do business by optimising processes, aligning IT with business needs, supporting IT operations, IT architecture and design, enterprise applications, sourcing, project management, IT Operations Management and designing effective Risk Management strategies. LANWAN Technologies will help you know what technology to adopt and how to introduce it your organization effectively. We are committed to assist you if: 


  • You recognise the need to better align IT to the organisation’s needs.
  • You wish to have the right IT organisation to support business requirements and increase value to the business.
  • Your efforts to comply with regulatory matters have uncovered operational issues in IT and information security.
  • You need to prioritise and measure IT projects.
  • You wish to assess which IT services should be provided internally and which should be outsourced to third party service providers.
  • IT is seen as a constraint on the business or where the reputation of IT is held in low regard.
  • You are seeking ways to improve the effectiveness of relationships between IT, the organisation and with suppliers.

Business Intelligence

BI Implementation Process:

Requirments gathering

From project inception, our team gather requirements from business lines services, determine specific project approaches, solutions and BI technology fit for purpose. After a joint workshop, we will define how we will help you to solve existing problems and improve your business performance by using BI tools and analytics technology deployment.



Collect & integrate data

After establishing a business goal, our experts will collect and integrate data from various sources (i.e. ERP, transactional databases, file systems, flat files, Excels) into one Master Database called Data warehouse or Big data file systems so you will be easily able to access and manipulate different types of information from one place.

Transform, clean & prepare data

Collected and integrated data is transformed during the loading process into a database system (ETL), then prepared for exploration, ad-hoc analysis, and modeling. We implement highly scalable data processing scripts to aggregate, clean, and transform data into an appropriate format. After it, business users are able to analyse data, create ad-hoc sql queries, and be self-sufficient by using modern Business Intelligence tools.

Explore data and get insights

Together with business users, defined problems are solved through conclusions from the data exploration process using data mining techniques and BI tools. Developed OLAP or Tabular solution will organise and help you to discover patterns in data. BI tools go beyond knowing what and when it happened – they can predict with the highest probability why it happened.

Data Visualization & Reporting

We create rich, visualised Business Intelligence dashboards and reports that facilitate sharing the most important information, and KPI’s inside or outside your organization. You will reduce user interactions and save time while the business intelligence system will do everything for you. It helps enterprises to make the right business decisions at the right time, and let you manage organizations consciously while improving performance KPI’s.

 We help you make informed decisions, educated guesses and develop strategies that support critical choices made by the people running your company. Our team of experts will help you extract knowledge from your data, integrate it into (ETL) Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and turn it into daily insights with interactive dashboards using such tools as Power BI, Tableau, or Looker. We provide companies with reliable Business Intelligence Services using trusted technologies. We use the Open-source, Cloud, as well as Commercially trusted technologies for our Business Intelligence and Big Data deployments.

Cyber Security & Risk

Cyber Security Services:

Security Governance

When done well, security governance will effectively coordinate the security activities of your organisation by guiding management to make the appropriate resources available to drive Cyber Security. This is the foundation to ensure security tasks are performed at planned intervals, incidents are managed effectively and resources remain available to operate the information security management system (ISMS).
Lanwan Technologies will help you with:

  • Establishing your Security Governance structure
    Identifying membership and formulating your Security Committee.
  • Creating security monitoring documentation.
  • Developing Security Metrics and Measurements against your security objectives.
  • Conducting Management Reviews to track the effectiveness of your ISMS.
  • Development of your Security Calendar document to identify recurring security tasks and actions.
Cyber Security Audit

As the IT landscape becomes increasingly complex and technology continues to evolve across multiple platforms, staying on top of potential security issues can be a daulting task. A third-party systematic evaluation will help you understand the potential risks and develop a comprehensive remediation plan.

Lanwan Technologies, using the ISO 27001:2013 standard, will assessing your current security policies, processes and practices to a globally-recognised standard. The process involves:

  • a detailed audit process that includes interviews with key stakeholders across the business; review of documentation including policies, procedures, processes and practices; physical inspection of sites; review of technical configuration of selected systems.
  • A comprehensive Security Audit Report detailing all major security risk scenarios and acceptable risk mitigation controls.
  • A security implementation roadmap, outlining security risks, remediation priorities and projects timelines.
  • A walk-through of any identified security risks and ownership.
Risk Assessment

We help you find out which problems can happen to your information and/or operations – that is, what can jeopardise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information, or what can threaten the continuity of your operations.

The risk assessment process will enable you to:

  • Identify all the risks related to your information.
  • Identify the risk owners.
  • Assess the impact and likelihood of risks.
  • Determine your risk remediation strategy.
  • Track progress of the risk remediation actions.
  • Allocate accountability for remediation.
  • Improve your organisational risk posture.

LANWAN Technologies will do the following:

  • We review your existing Risk Management Policy and align both our risk assessment methodology and the Risk Register with your policy.
  • Alternatively, we can create a Risk Register which aligns with ISO 27005, ISO 31000 & NIST SP 800-30 risk management standards.
  • The end result is a comprehensive Risk Register, detailing the vulnerability, risk, impact including worst-case assessment, actions, ownership and resolution dates across your business.
Vulnerability Assessment

Risks abound and leaves no industry sector without exposure to attacks. Its is therefore importance to consider a vulnerability assessment. Undertaken regularly, this process identifies, quantifies and prioritises the vulnerabilities in your system, application or network component, and can be used to demonstrate security compliance by your organisation.

Quarterly vulnerability assessments are a requirement compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulations and standards. A Vulnerability Assessment can also be performed in preparation for a penetration test, in order to identify the weaknesses to be exploited by the test.

What we do:

  • Scan – Our team can identify vulnerabilities associated with a range of IT assets, including operating systems, network devices, databases and applications.
  • Report – we provide a detailed report outlining each vulnerability, including vulnerable host(s), operating system weaknesses, level of security risk for and our recommendation for remediation.
  • Action – while the Vulnerability Assessment does not itself fix any found vulnerabilities, we can then work with you to take the most appropriate course of action.
Security Awareness, Education & Training

The modern cyber threat continues to evolve, developing new methodologies to target and disrupt legitimate business operations. To meet the challenge of the evolving threat landscape; companies must raise awareness of cyber issues with their management and staff; educate on how to deal with the threat and provide simple and practical training that reinforces education.By so doing, you create a positive and proactive cyber culture that forms your last line of defence. You are only as secure as your weakest link.

LANWAN Technologies helps you with the following:

  • A fully customised training program
  • A security awareness training presentation.
  • A follow-up quiz to help measure training effectiveness
  • A Training compliance report.
ISO 27001:2013 Certification Assistance

LANWAN Technologies can work closely with your business to achieve ISO 27001:2013 certification. This valuable certification can help your business ensure you are meeting all stakeholders’ security expectations, enhance your business prospects and strengthen your supplier security relations. It can also help you improve your overall security posture and reduce ongoing security incidents. Additionally, it can protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. Our experts can work with you from start to finish to ensure you have everything you need to attain this certification.

Penetration testing

The LANWAN Technologies team pinpoints system vulnerabilities, validates existing security measures, and provides a detailed remediation roadmap. Equipped with the special tools and industry-specific test scenarios, the team performs penetration testing according to one of the three approaches:

  • Black box testing. We work in life-like conditions having strictly limited knowledge on your network and no information on the security policies, network structure, software and network protection used.
  • Grey box testing. We examine your system having some information on your network, such as user login details, architecture diagrams or the network’s overview.
  • White box testing. We identify potential weak points by using admin rights and access to server configuration files, database encryption principles, source code or architecture documentation.
Cloud security

We help you secure your cloud solutions. Our team of experts have the necessary expertise to tune special security components, such as Azure Security Center, Google and AWS, allowing security management and threat protection across cloud workloads.

Our experts apply appropriate cloud security measures and configure cloud protection solutions to ensure:

  • Constant and efficient monitoring of the security of your cloud applications.
  • Analysis of the event logs from your cloud solutions and prompt detection of suspicious activities.
  • Remediation of security weaknesses potentially existing in your cloud environment.
  • Application of the necessary security policies to make your cloud solutions meet the appropriate security standards.
Network protection

We help you decrease the risk of becoming the victim of privacy spoofing, identity or company’s proprietary information theft, Man-in-the-Middle and DDoS attacks. We apply multiple defense layers to protect your corporate network and the sensitive data stored within it. 

Antivirus protection

LANWAN Technologies Cyber Security experts will help you configure antivirus protection to:

  • Improve the security of the network from viruses, spyware, and other types of malicious software coming from the internet or external drives.
  • Increase the protection of your network against phishing and spoofing internet attacks that aim at stealing your sensitive data.
  • Provide your system administrators with advanced control over any web activities happening across your network to prevent various types of cyberthreats from affecting the security of your corporate data.
  • Remove potentially harmful software and threats, thus blocking their way further inside your network.

A robust cybersecurity strategy has become a prerequisite to the success and profitability of the modern business. An understand of the risks that most business are grappling with today is important to minimise business, financial and reputation loss. The CIO’s top-five concerns are external threats, the change in the way the business is conducted, the rapid advance of technology or the change of technology, regulatory compliance issues and concerns, and the the changing market and client needs. External threats of cyber-security is really the number one risk for most CIOs today or CISOs. Its invoives organised crime where criminals leverage technology for financial gain.

Your perceived cyber protection may be significantly lower than what the current risk environment demands. A third-party technology assessment helps determine if your risk profile aligns properly with your business goals and objectives. As LANWAN Technologies, we bring a Boardroom perspective approach to Cyber Security and ensure technology initiatives align with your Business Strategy. As a trusted advisor, we view ourselves as an extension of your executive team, and partner with you to realise the benefits of a robust technology Security Strategy as part of your organisation’s long-term business plan.  

The most effective security are the Strategies, policies, procedures and architecture you implement before an event occurs. We can help get it right. We guide you through the steps to keep your company safe, secure, compliant and profitable.


ICT for Development

ICT4D Services:

Strategic Advise

We provide strategic advice, technical expertise, assessment and evaluation, to help our partners get the best results at organisational, programme or project level.

Modern life is increasingly driven by technology and digital tools can provide effective solutions to the issues faced by the under-priviledged. Technology is predicted to completely transform the development sector in the near future. Innovations such as AI, drones, and digital currency are increasingly being incorporated into development programs, and continuously broadening the ICT4D sector. Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) is the practice of utilising technology to assist poor and marginalized people in developing communities. ICTs include any communication device — encompassing radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning.

LANWAN Technology is your trusted advisor and enabler of ICT4D initiatives. We work with public, private and civil society organisations from across the humanitarian and international development community to increase the impact of their work to help improve quality of life and help reduce poverty in the developing world. We will help you with e-Readiness assessments, visioning, process mapping / re-engineering, employee technology awareness, training and change management support. We also offer technical assistance with regard to data analysis, data architecture, technology and project governance – which we believe are all key to optimising project success.

Our professional expertise and experience as well as our deep understanding and integrated knowledge of international development cooperation, humanitarian aid, civil protection and environmental conservation sets us apart.

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